Merill Comeau

Teaching Artist

In addition to my solo studio practice I am a teaching artist collaborating with community groups to create art that represents our shared human experiences. Together we view and discuss art utilizing Visual Thinking Strategies, explore individual identities and what we have in common, and translate our experiences into visual ideas. I share my mark making and installation techniques as we work together to create site-specific works of art. Participants learn problem solving, design principles, and observation skills. Groups gain confidence in their art making abilities while formulating new bonds and bridges of understanding. I have worked with youth in the Department of Youth Services and Massachusetts Court System, colleges and universities, religious organizations, and senior citizens. This section showcases a small selection of projects. Please contact me for further information.

Visiting Artist Pine Manor College
North Hill
black unerline
North Crossing
Community Interventions Program
Social Action
Spectrum Gay Straight Alliance
Danforth On the Starting Block

Visiting Artist Pine Manor College



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