Merill Comeau

Teaching Artist
As part of Clara Wainwright’s Faith Quilts Project, a multi-generational Jewish community created this piece illustrating their dialogue of what elders felt was important to impart about their faith and what about their faith youth thought was relevant to their lives. In the first square Shabbat candles are lit with flames transforming into birds symbolizing the connection to generations past and future. The second square’s menorah grows from roots representing Tikkun Olam, the third square has many leaves coming together to form Stars of David reflecting the diversity of this unaffiliated congregation.
Visiting Artist Pine Manor College
North Hill
North Crossing
Community Interventions Program
Social Action
black unerline
Spectrum Gay Straight Alliance
Danforth On the Starting Block

Kerem Shalom
Intergenerational Dialogue
9' x 3'

detail below

Kerem detail



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